Nintendo Knitting Machine prototyped during NES era

"Now You're Knitting With Power"

Former Nintendo of America executive Howard Phillips (better known to Nintendo fans as "Gamemaster Howard") has been treating the Nintendo faithful with scans of brochures from Nintendo's entry into the console gaming space. While his gallery proves to be a fascinating look into the publisher's rise into gaming dominance, one image proved to be the most noteworthy: a scan detailing the Nintendo Knitting Machine.

The Knitting Machine was prototyped in 1987 as a peripheral for the NES. Supposedly, the device would have been able to "crank out a custom sweater in about four hours." The intention of the device was to expand Nintendo's reach to people that didn't want a home computing system. "Home computers were useless because people didn't have any home-oriented use for them... I'm convinced this knitting software will help reintroduce the home computer to the public," John Dvorak reportedly said.

Phillips was less enthused about the product, however. Given 30 minutes notice to demo the peripheral to Toys R Us, Phillips admits that it was "one of my least genuinely enthusiastic demos." Check out his Facebook page to see the scan in full detail.