Battlefield 3 'Armored Kill' release dates detailed

The downloadable content schedule for Battlefield 3 has been a little complicated. Needing to account for both Premium subscription access and a Sony exclusivity deal has made for a tangled web of drop dates. We're approaching the release of the Armored Kill pack, and DICE has laid out all of its dates in one tidy spot.

According to the Battlefield 3 site, the content will hit Premium members on PlayStation 3 first, on September 4. Premium PC and Xbox 360 users will get it the week after, on September 11. Then the unwashed masses get their turns: PS3 players on September 18, and PC and Xbox 360 users on September 25. So basically, every week in September has the content dropping for someone.

As previously reported, Armored Kill will add five new drivable vehicles, 20 vehicle-specific unlocks, and four new maps. You'll also get a Tank Superiority mode, a capture-point game type played with tanks.

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