Battlefield 3: Armored Kill debut trailer showcases franchise's 'largest map'

After up-close and dirty scrapping in the Close Quarters DLC, Battlefield 3 is headed back out into the great outdoors for vehicular violence with the Armored Kill addon. The first trailer rolled out this morning, with action from what's touted as "the largest map in Battlefield history."

Armored Kill adds five new drivable vehicles with 20 vehicle-specific unlocks, from tanks to gunships you can spawn in, with four new maps to roam across. Featured in this trailer are the snowy Alborz Mountain and colossal Bandar Desert. It also adds a new Tank Superiority mode, which is like capture & hold with tanks.

Armored Kill is broadly slated to launch in September, though the complexities of a two-week Premium headstart and one-week PlayStation 3 exclusivity period mean it'll be all over the place.

Though Battlefield 4 is confirmed and you can score beta access by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter's Limited Edition, DICE is still committed to supporting BF3.

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