Late Night Computing: August 21, 2012

It's that time again Shackers. Welcome to Late Night Computing for August 21, 2012.

Over the last two and a half years working for Shacknews and Gamefly, I've managed to watch an astounding 432 movies. New movies, older movies, classic movies, I watch them all.

That said, I'm really running out of stuff to watch. Which is why I turn to you, Shack. I require your advice. Recommend me a movie or two. As a starting point, some of my favorite movies include In Bruges, Death at a Funeral (the UK version, not the US tripe) and Twilight. WAIT. I mean Sucker Punch. No I don't, I really meant Stranger than Fiction. I'll include you in a future edition of LNC if I watch your suggestion!

News bits.

  • Are you looking forward to the Double Fine Happy Action Theater sequel? Better check out this site. Come for the bananas, stay for the dancing Chris Remo. [via Double Fine]

  • George Broussard, he of Duke Nukem fame and Shack regular, discusses free-to-play titles, and why they are a "waste" for companies like Electronic Arts. [via Videogamer]

  • Has a special effect in a movie ever left you speechless? Watch this TED chat with Rob Legato, who worked on movies like Apollo 13, Titanic, and Hugo. [via TED Talks]

  • Cast a vote for your favorite robots in numerous categories for the Robot Hall of Fame class of 2012. September 30th is the deadline, so get voting. Who will be crowned robotic king? [via Carnegie Mellon University]

  • Google's public policy director, Pablo Chavez, thinks it might be time for the United States to drop software patents. Meanwhile, Apple laughs all the way to the bank. [via CNet News]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • On Guild Wars 2: "So with the upcoming release, I am curious what classes everyone is going to be playing and why? I am going with the Thief and Mezmer at first I think. I really liked most of the classes, but I just really enjoyed the gameplay of the Thief the most. I didn't get extremely high level during the beta as I was trying out all of the different classes and races a bit. So what about you?" [by Carstman]

  • "Skittles are disgusting." There is nothing else to say. Banned. [by ThomW]

Nightly file.

  • Morrowind Rebirth for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: "Return to the magical Island of Vvardenfell once more in this huge overhaul, Morrowind Rebirth. Find new enemies to fight, exciting areas to explore, gain access to new weapons to slay your foes or just roam the huge world that's out there. Whatever you do, you'll be sure to find something new and interesting in nearly every corner of the gameworld. Rebirth is close, don't miss it." Download version 1.9 for Windows.


Total War: Rome II making the Faces of Rome trailer:

Did the Faces of Rome announcement trailer leave you wanting to see more? Sega and The Creative Assembly go behind the scenes to dissect the making of each scene in this 16-minute video.

BOOM video 13637

Omerta - City of Gangsters also has a new trailer featuring some prohibition-era Atlantic City gameplay, NBA 2K13 gets a new developer diary, and new screenshots are released for Pokemon Black and White Version 2, Dance Central 3, Dust 514, Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour, along with Train Simulator 2013.

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