Mega Man 'Xover' announced for iOS

Capcom's Mega Man franchise has been rather dormant lately, aside from the occasional cameo. Today, the company has revealed a new "game" in the long-running robotic series: an iOS social RPG that crosses over the various iterations of the character. Bet you did not see that coming.

Japanese site 4gamer (via Mega Man Network) reports that "Mega Man Xover" is scheduled for release in Japan this fall. Capcom has reportedly confirmed a release for North America and Europe as well, but a release window and pricing information are still unannounced.

As with Street Fighter X Tekken, the game is pronounced "Mega Man Crossover," as it features aspects from the many Mega Man series created over the years. The game has you create your own version of Mega Man (similar to the canceled Mega Man Universe) and battle villains from the various series. The character has had six different series off-shoots to his name, not counting the original, so Capcom has plenty of material to choose from.