Fez developer turned down mobile port from Zynga

Indie darling Fez could have made an appearance on mobile devices. According to a tweet from Polytron, the company was approached by none other than Zynga to bring the Xbox Live Arcade game to handheld devices. "We politely refused," the tweet states, before taking a jab at the social media giant. "So, look forward to Zynga's FEX any day now, I guess!"

Zynga has been accused of launching copycat clones when planned acquisitions don't work out, as was the case for Tiny Tower. EA recently filed a lawsuit against the company, saying that it was a company large enough to go against the 'Ville publisher.

The claim is being made by Polytron, meaning it is hearsay. However, the studio reiterated that "it actually happened."

While Fez wouldn't be a natural fit for Zynga's portfolio, Touch Arcade points out that it could have been part of the Zynga Partners program. Essentially, Zynga would act solely as a publisher--something that could have expanded Fez's audience quite significantly.