Age of Empires Online adding Babylon, another booster

Age of Empires Online is adding another pro civilization and a booster pack later this month as downloadable content. The Babylon civilization and Fertile Crescent booster pack are due August 16, for 900 and 450 Empire Points, respectively.

Eurogamer reports that the Babylonian civilization is focused on money-making prowess and can build a strong economy quickly. To this end, it adds an Ox Cart as a mobile storehouse, letting you deposit resources easier without rebuilding several storehouses.

In terms of military strength, the Babylonians can use a Seige Tower, which fires ranged arrows while hiding the units inside. Shield Bearers can withstand shield damage but are vulnerable to anti-infantry melee, and Lancers are anti-infantry cavalry with the ability to close gaps quickly. The culture also comes with a Ziggurat (to more from Age one to two), Gardens (to raise research and unit production speed). They can also build clay walls.

The Fertile Crescent booster adds 30 new quests for users level 20 and over, and repeatable scaling quests up to level 40. It also adds AI-controlled co-op quests in case none of your friends are around at the time.