The Secret World open to all this weekend

Going anywhere nice for the weekend? Why not pay a visit to The Secret World, as Funcom will be opening up its supernatural MMORPG for everyone to play for two-and-a-bit days. Festivities to celebrate the one month anniversary of its launch will also bring fireworks and prizes.

The celebration weekend kicks off at 9am Pacific on Friday and runs until 11pm Pacific on Sunday. To play for free, you'll need a Secret World account, which you can get by registering in the box on the blog's sidebar, and to download the installer.

Fireworks are being doled out for the festivities, with every character allowed 15 for free from the in-game item store. Funcom's also adding a new leaderboard to track the top 100 mission-solvers over the weekend. Helping others solve missions brings rewards too, with a special in-game t-shirt and 1200 bonus points up for grabs if you solve 30 missions.

Given that TSW isn't Just Another WoW Clone, with its puzzling puzzles and dialogue not written by someone who read The Lord of the Rings then drank lots of cola and spat out the entire script in a single afternoon, offering the curious an opportunity to poke around at length seems sensible.