The War Z producer explains world building, end-game

The War Z is the latest game to hit in the ongoing zombie craze. But what makes it different? Executive producer Sergey Titov explains.

"There are no quests or missions in the traditional gaming industry sense of the word," he said. "We're not building an objective based game, but instead building a sandbox with lots of tools that will allow players to create their own experiences. We took a basic theme that we love—the zombie apocalypse/survival genre-and asked ourselves what the world would look like in this scenario? What means of interacting with the world or other players would be available? What would the world economy look like? We built the game design around that."

Gold coins are the main currency in the game, but "nothing prevents you from taking ammo for guns and using it as currency when bartering." Those guns are your lifeline, and the game functions like a shooter. But Titov says the game will also have traditional melee weapons like baseball bats and knives to complement the machine guns and grenade launchers.

As for an ultimate goal, the team isn't thinking of the game with an ending in mind. "Ultimately we hope that there won't be an endgame," he told PC Gamer. "Our DNA as a company is not to produce 'packaged' games. What we're making is a sandbox service for our players. We create the toolset and set the theme for players to use and build their own individual game experiences. We don't have a goal like 'okay unlock all achievements' or 'find all guns.' We're saying, here's a world that just survived a viral outbreak that took the lives of most of the population and left a world full of brain-hungry zombies."

However, he does expect players to make their own goals with custom servers and private worlds, which could sport their own rules. "Some will do just that-building their own virtual 'strongholds' so to say and inviting other people to join as long as they are going to follow their rules. Some will band together into clans and will fight other clans—either on public or private servers."