Tribes: Ascend update releases Twinfusor weapon

Tribes: Ascend has just released its "Twinfusor" update, and a teaser video of the new features to boot. The update is named after the new Twinfusor weapon, but the patch also includes two new Capture the Flag maps, a party system, and various other small additions and balance adjustments.

The patch notes mention a Twinfusor for the Pathfinder, Soldier, and Juggernaut, in light, medium, and heavy variations respectively. Stonehenge is now part of the CTF map rotation, and two new maps -- Permafrost and Dangerous Crossing -- can be found in custom servers. New players under rank 6 will also be filtered into a smaller map rotation to get them accustomed to play. You can also create a party, and if you're friend-less you can at least be assured that you'll be matched with other users around your rank.

These additions come along with various buffs and debuffs, adjustments to how base and performance XP are doled out on custom servers, and an exploit fix to the Thrust Pack, among others. Check out the trailer below.