Company of Heroes 2 chills out with ColdTech

As no recreation of World War 2's Eastern Front is complete without bitter, crippling cold, Relic has whipped up some fancy new technical whizzbangs it's calling 'ColdTech' for Company of Heroes 2. Snow gathers to slow troops, dynamic blizzards sweep in, and soldiers risk freezing to death. Your army men will slowly freeze in the bitter Soviet winter unless they're hunkering down in buildings or around fires, so try not to send them marching through deep snowdrifts for too long. Heaven help the poor dears if they're out in the open when a blizzard hits. ColdTech brings awfully fancy snow to CoH 2, which gathers and deepens to slow troops more and displays a record of everything that's passed by--until it melts or fresh snow falls on top. It also adds fancy ice, which canny players can destroy to dunk anything moving across it. Hit the announcement for more on all ColdTech adds to Relic's Essence Engine 3.0. Company of Heroes 2 is coming to PC in "early 2013." Check out our preview from May.

Tanks On Ice never made it to Broadway, for obvious reasons