Torchlight 2 dev explains that size matters

Torchlight 2 has been running in stealth mode lately until a recent update from developer Runic Games told fans that the game was in polish mode. A new post offers a comparison on just how much more involved the game will be than the original.

Runic founder Travis Baldree said in his latest Not-a-Blog post that, while working on the monsters of Act II, he started to wonder about the game's scale compared to the original and pulled out some interesting numbers. Among his findings, Torchlight 2 exceeds the original game in numerous categories, including:

  • Monster models (300 to 83)

  • Monster abilities (148 to 47)

  • Unique areas of the world (44 to 7)

  • Room pieces (5,665 to 1,860)

  • Total items (5,773 to 3,080)

  • Unique player skills (120 to 60)

  • Musical tracks (62 to 15)

  • Animation files (5,329 to 1,612)

He also compared many more categories. As popular as the original game was, and with many fans looking forward to a post-Diablo 3 fix, the news should be quite welcome. The beta for the game recently ended and pre-orders are already being accepted through various game distribution sites, but still no official word on a release date.