Chatty: Game prices, Quake II

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With so many summer sales underway, when is the last time you paid full retail price for a game? Was it worth the price of admission? FreshwaterAU prods the last full purchases Shackers have made from their cold, dead keyboards. The last game I paid full price was Diablo III, like so many other Shackers. Before that? Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately. Whatever you paid for, more than likely you'll agree with pigvomit as time goes on.

Reminisce with eldersveld on his first playthrough of Quake II, even with screenshots. If you've never played it, do yourself a favor and pick the game up from any number of retail or digital storefronts. For those of you who have played the game, do you agree with rudds?

Ouya, the hacker-friendly Android console, quickly met its Kickstarter goal mere hours after its initial launch. Find out more in this thread with Masem as the project unfolded. What do you think? Can the project compete in a market filled with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo consoles? Or will it go a long way to mitigating their corporate pressence as next-generation approaches? Many Shackers are doubtful, myself included.

Alpha Protocol, one of my favorite 2010 games, is bound to be on sale at some point and should be on your must-play list. Pick up the PC version? Pacalon recommends you make some .ini tweaks to improve the games somewhat lackadaisical controls. Do try them and give him some feedback!

NinjaGamerGirl re-installs EverQuest, which is now free-to-play, hoping to re-live some of her memories of the classic titles. Share some of your favorite memories with her and Shack. You know you want to!

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

Take a nap and dream about quitting your current job. Give yourself a chance to be lazy for a change. Let's say that your dream comes true, and you're fired and banished from said industry. What would you do? Where would you go? Look into Metasparks eyes and tell him your deepest, darkest, highest-paying fantasy.

"They say this one has a surprise ending." M. Night Shyamalan stops by the Shack to give us the greatest plot twist of his career. Its name? shabuttle.

With that mega-thread out of the way, what are your favorite posts that keep you sticking around Chatty? Join jimmy_legs for a trip down the old LOL lane. Fine, fine. One of my all-time favorites is this pancake humper thread, in which ThomW owns his face.

Deathlove has a few words to say you should probably read.