Mass Effect 3 'Leviathan' DLC confirmed by voice actor

A rumored piece of Mass Effect 3 single-player downloadable content has been unofficially confirmed. Anthony Skordi, the voice actor for the titular "Leviathan" character, has let the cat out of the bag, which lends credence to the other details we had heard about the plot of the DLC.

According to earlier reports, the DLC involves Shepard rescuing a scientist from an indoctrinated mining facility. It was taken over by a Reaper defector named Leviathan, who left his collective when he killed one of his own kind. The rumor popped up from lines of dialogue buried in the Extended Cut DLC, but now that Skordi has confirmed his voice work to Eurogamer the news is all but official.

BioWare is expected to announce more DLC for the game at its upcoming San Diego Comic Con panel. The developer will probably talk in more detail about both Leviathan and the upcoming Earth multiplayer pack. While the the Earth pack will be free, the Leviathan single-player content will likely be for-pay.