Devil's Third planned for 'digital devices'

Now that Valhalla Game Studios has snagged the rights to Devil's Third, the company is detailing more of its plans for the title. In a statement formally announcing the rights transfer, Valhalla CEO Satoshi Kanematsu said it will bring the game to "a wide range of digital devices."

The statement didn't outline precisely what it meant by those devices, but it did say those releases are in addition to the existing plans for PC and consoles. In fact, the studio is looking into other outlets for the franchise as well, like manga, novels, animation, and film.

Last we heard, the game is planned for early 2013, and Valhalla is considering putting it on Wii U as well. It sounds a lot like the studio is intent on making a big investment in the game, so it wouldn't be surprising to see it hit the new Nintendo system.