Hitman: Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition announced

Who wants a weird cartoony 10" statue of Hitman: Absolution star Agent 47? Anyone? Well, if you think of someone who might, let them know that they can get one buy buying the 'Deluxe Professional Edition' of IO Interactive's murder simulator, unveiled today by publisher Square Enix.

Basically, it's the same as the Professional Edition but with a 10" Agent 47 vinyl statue thrown in too. You get the same hardcover art book, 'making of' DVD and bonus DLC pack of guns. The PE costs $80, a $20 premium, but there's no word yet on how much the DPE will cost.

As with other editions, pre-ordering gets you the standalone Sniper Challenge too. Go on, click this for a closer look at the statue. While you're at it, give this bad boy a bash for our E3 preview.

Hitman: Absolution arrives for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20.