Final Fantasy VII PC revamp confirmed

Square Enix recently commented that it wouldn't dare remake Final Fantasy VII until it had surpassed it with a new FF. If you, like me, are a PC gamer with no real connection to the series and have no idea why it's so beloved, you'll seen get to see for yourself, as Squeenix today confirmed the leak that the JRPG's been revamped for a PC re-release.

Final Fantasy VII was released for PC back in 1998, but is a bit tricky to get ahold nowadays and disagrees somewhat with modern hardware and operating systems. As well as, presumably, not requiring fiddling and fussing to run on your shiny modern PC, the revamp boasts new features.

It'll pack 36 achievements for you to collect, cloud saves (no, not Cloud saves ha ha what a joke!) so you can keep your progress across multiple computers, and a new 'Character Booster' which lets you boost your HP, MP and Gil levels to the max and get on with the game. Plus, of course, it doesn't require a ton of fiddling to get working.

When will you get to play it? "Soon" is all Square Enix has to offer. Curiously, the publisher says it'll be available "exclusively" on its own store, but surely it wouldn't be that daft in this modern wonderful of digital distribution? Hit the official site for more information.