Wipeout 3 coming this fall

Activision announced a new Wipeout game, not to be confused with that other Wipeout series. This one is based on the (baffling) popular TV series of the same name. Wipeout 3 is due this fall for the Xbox 360 with Kinect, Wii, and 3DS. But if you haven't played the first two, the plot probably won't make any sense.

This game offers 12 winter and summer courses, and adds an over-the-shoulder perspective and "Instant Replay" function. We all know the only reason people ever watch that show is to see people fall down in slow-motion. You can compete or play team modes with up to four players, buy unlocks to improve your non-wiping-out performance, and unlock characters and themed episodes.

"Much of Wipeout's success has stemmed from the fact that people of all ages enjoy the show," said the show's executive producer Matt Kunitz, in the announcement. "We want to capture that essence with Wipeout 3 so that kids, parents, and even grandparents can plunge into this easy-to-learn, zany game."