Carrier Command E3 demo video disembarks

Should you somehow be daunted by the idea of fighting for control of a 33-island archipelago from a huge roaming ship which deploys customisable vehicles to land, sea and air, which you can issue orders to or directly control yourself, you may want to watch the 11-minute E3 demo of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Because that's just what Bohemia Interactive is working on, remaking the Atari classic.

The demo explains customising and deploying units, producing supplies, managing captured islands, and, of course, blowing up the enemy. As well as a sandbox 'Strategic' mode, which has procedurally generated elements, Carrier Command packs a story-driven campaign where you also get to set foot on terra firma and do first-person face-shooting as a soldier yourself.

Here's our Ozzie's take on Carrier Command, which he saw on E3.

Carrier Command: Gaea Missions sets sail for PC and Xbox 360 in September. If you fancy playing sooner, though, you can pre-order to score beta access.

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