Mojang details Scrolls release plans

Minecraft creator Mojang is getting ready to start rolling out its next game Scrolls in a Minecraftian manner. Following a closed alpha test, the deck-building boardgame will enter open beta and everyone will be able to buy at a discount and play while Mojang finishes making it.

Those lucky enough to get picked for the "rapidly approaching" closed alpha will get to play multiplayer matches, single-player AI matches, and mess around with the deck builder, Mojang co-founder Jakob Porser explained. As it moves into open beta, Mojang plans to add the single-player world where players can explore and get new scrolls.

As with Minecraft, new features will be added throughout the open beta. An auction house, character customisation, items, quests, and more are planned.

Mojang has also relaunched the Scrolls website, so hit it for more information.

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