Author Neal Stephenson opens Kickstarter for swordfighting game

Science and historical fiction author Neal Stephenson is throwing his weight behind a Kickstarter game, which focuses on realistic sword-fights through the use of a specialized motion controller. The game is titled "Clang," and it's aiming for a goal of $500,000 by July 9. It's being developed by the indie developer Subutai Corporation.

According to the Kickstarter page, Clang will be a PC arena game, and will start by focusing on one-on-one duels with two-handed longswords. It will use a commercial third-party controller "initially," but the game relies on low latency to imitate the precise sword movements.

The game is also planning to expand its own story and the sword-fighting styles through mods. A toolkit will be made available for fans to create their own "Martial Arts System Embodiments," to imitate other styles of fighting. The story of the game will also in with stories published by 47 North, Amazon's science-fiction publishing house.

The Kickstarter is up to more than $163,000 as of time of writing, so it's off to a good start with 28 days left to go.