Resident Evil 6 has four-player co-op... sometimes

Resident Evil 6 features three different co-op campaigns, each starring a different main character: Leon, Chris, and Jake. At a behind closed doors presentation at E3, Capcom revealed that these three stories intersect at certain points, allowing gamers to experience four-player co-op in the zombie-infested sequel.

The demo showed Leon and Helena meeting up with Jake and Shelley. After a tense encounter, they were ambushed by a hulking zombie called the Ustanak, which Hirabayashi noted was not related to the Nemesis strain of zombies. The four players then had to team up to contain the Ustanak.

Intersecting co-op will largely see two friends team up with two strangers that also happen to be playing online at the same time. The intersecting co-op storylines will also affect those in single-player. Anyone playing offline right before two stories join together will be prompted to connect online to potentially play with another person.

However, can four friends play at the same time? Hirabayashi explained that the friends would essentially have to reach that point of the story at the same time, meaning you'll have to coordinate your zombie-hunting schedules if you want to stumble upon each other's online games.