Tomb Raider E3 trailer reveals March 2013 launch

As some news is clearly too exciting to wait for E3, Square Enix has released a new Tomb Raider trailer to reveal that Crystal Dynamics' series reboot will arrive on March 5, 2013. But there's not just a date in the trailer, there's loads of young Lara scampering and sneaking around, and apologising before killing a deer. And then she stabs a sexy buff monk wearing seatless black leather hotpants in his neck.

The reboot shows Lara's introduction to the world of creeping through tombs and murdering wildlife at a young age, after she's stranded on a spooky island in a shipwreck.

Tomb Raider was due to arrive this fall, but it was recently delayed so Crystal Dynamics had time to "fully deliver the very highest quality game." It's coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

And now, without much further ado, the E3 2012 trailer:

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