Settlement possible in Call of Duty trial

A 9AM hearing this morning in the case of Activision, ex-Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella, and 40 former developers on the Call of Duty franchise was delayed as lawyers for the three sides discussed a possible settlement in the multimillion dollar case.

West previously said that "a settlement could be more than money. I do have an issue, letting them get away with it and doing it to the next guy."

Judge Elihu Berle recessed the case until 1:30 p.m. PST as the parties huddled to discuss options, according to the LA Times. Apparently, after a half-hour meeting amongst the involved sides, Activision's lawyers met on their own for more than an hour. The Times quotes an Activision lawyer telling the counsel for West and Zampella that "we're still talking to our bosses."

Apparently, discussions are still ongoing. A settlement would bring the acrimonious case to a close after almost two years and, according to Activision court documents, more than $2 billion at stake. However, if the trial were to continue, the judge has set an end date of July 2.