Rumor: Wii U controller redesign leaked

This will be Nintendo's last E3 to show off the Wii U before its planned launch this fall. Images of an apparently leaked photo from a TT Games employee shows off a few key changes to the controller from the version we previously saw last year. The new design came from a (now deleted) TT Games employee's tweet, reported by Nintendo Gamer. Some notable changes include revised analog pads instead of the circle pads in the previous version, and the Start and Select buttons having changed position. The source also speculates that the charger looks similar to the one used for the 3DS. It seems likely that Nintendo will show the finished hardware at E3, along with whatever games it has on the slate. We'll call this a rumor since it's not officially from Nintendo, but it certainly looks legitimate and we wouldn't be surprised to see it materialize in the finished product. For the sake of comparison, check out the new and old shots below:

Wii U controller E3 2011 press photo

Wii U controller 2012 leak