The Last of Us cinematic cut-scene reveals the dangers of Pittsburgh

Joel and Ellie, the two unlikely heroes starring in The Last of Us, are aren't beyond committing some justified vehicular manslaughter. In a freshly-revealed cut-scene from the action-survival title that's in development at Naughty Dog, two things are evident: the world the protagonists find themselves in is dangerous, and the developer behind the Uncharted series hasn't lost its chops when it comes to creating cinematics.

We've already touched on the game's backstory, the fact that the game won't utilize a regenerating health system, and that it will take place in Pittsburgh. It's also going to contain some sort of mysterious online component, and despite its post-apocalyptic feel, is not a zombie game.

In the new trailer, we see an example of how there are other survivors in the world, but not all of them are helpful or friendly.

What's shown in the video "is only a peek into how alone and forsaken this world has become," notes the post on the official PlayStation Blog. "Be ready for things to get much worse," it warns.

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