Puzzling Halo 4 cover pieced together through emails

With the Covenant out of the picture for Halo 4, a new enemy is coming, and thanks to the quick work of a forum poster at NeoGAF, fans now have the cover of the next chapter in the saga of Master Chief and Cortana.

Xbox Live members received an email from Microsoft offering "a piece of the Halo 4 puzzle." NeoGAF member spawn031 took the 32 pieces and assembled them into the expected box art for the first game for 343 Industries. The image offers another hint as to what the Spartan team may be up against when the game is released on Nov. 6.

McFarlane Toys let slip two new figures coming in its Halo series, the Watcher and Crawler. Could it be the Flood has returned? It is an "ancient evil" promised in the story line. We'll probably know more after we see the game at E3.