Halo 4 toy packaging reveals two new enemies

The packaging on a McFarlane Halo toy shows a first glimpse of two more enemies likely to appear in Halo 4. The "Crawler" and "Watcher" look more-or-less like you'd expect from Halo enemies, with all the chitinous armor and glowy bits that visual style entails.

The revelation came from a box shot on All Games Beta. Microsoft and developer 343 have been pretty cagey about the plot details of Halo 4, which focuses on "an ancient evil" as its new threat. Assuming McFarlane didn't go off and make up its own characters, these particular ones will be part of that ancient evil or from some other faction of creatures that mean to do Master Chief harm.

We should see much more from Halo 4 at E3 in a couple of weeks. The game is due out Nov. 6.