Lego Lord of the Rings game spotted on toys, at retail

Lego recently announced plans for Lord of the Rings brick-building sets, leading to a flurry of speculation that it would be next up for the Traveller's Tales video game treatment. Those rumors are getting another dose of fuel today, with reports of toy packaging advertising the game, and a listing for the game appearing on a UK retailer.

MCV reports that toy reviewers have gotten their hands on the LOTR Legos early, and have found packaging materials advertising the game. If that weren't enough, GameSpot reports that UK retailer Shop To put up a listing for the game. The listing has been pulled, but a cached version still shows it clearly.

The listing details the release date as October 26, 2012. That timing would make sense, since the Lord of the Rings franchise is going to get reinvigorated this year with a film adaptation of The Hobbit. It seems likely that Warner Bros will make an official announcement in the next few weeks, or during E3. Shacknews has contacted Warner Bros regarding the rumor, and will update as more information becomes available.

Traveller's Tales also has Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes in the works for this year, so we might get a double-dose of Lego licensed games.