'Soul Sacrifice' is Inafune's Vita game

If nothing else, Keiji Inafune's games are diverse. The outspoken ex-Capcom executive is credited with helping to create both Mega Man and Resident Evil, after all. He's is at it again, now, juggling between the adorable 3DS King of Pirates, the social mobile game The Island of Dr. Momo, and the gruesome Vita title Soul Sacrifice.

Famitsu (via Andriasang) gives us a first look at the upcoming Vita game, which centers on a sorcerer's slave preparing to be sacrificed. He's saved, in a sense, by a demon book that draws him in to experience the famous battles detailed within. It allows him to conjure spells, but the demon demands payment. This can come from surrounding objects, but the most powerful spells require body parts. Do it too much, and you cease to be what we might call "human." Yes, that idea is exactly as disgusting as it sounds, with plenty of exposed bone and hanging flesh in the concept art and screenshots.

Quests will be available for up to four players, just in case you want quadruple the gore. The game is coming from Sony and Marvelous AQL in Japan, and developed by one of Inafune's two ventures, Comcept. US plans haven't been announced yet.

In April, Inafune hinted that he had several projects cooking at once, saying: ""I think it's important to be on every platform." He was tight-lipped at the time, but did remark, "I'm sure gamers in the west will be happy." Man, that guy must think we're sick.

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