Inafune hints at several new projects

Former Capcom executive and current outspoken industry figure Keiji Inafune is juggling several projects at once, hinting at many more than the two we know about. He says that his new companies are working on "several" games right now.

"I think it's important to be on every platform," Inafune told the UK magazine Nintendo Gamer (via CVG). "I also intend to release big-budget games with regular frequency. [We are] already making several console games. I can't tell you what kind of games yet, but I'm sure gamers in the west will be happy."

Inafune has been sharply critical of the Japanese industry's struggle to make games with global appeal. So far we only know of King of Pirates for the 3DS, and The Island of Dr. Momo for Android devices. He suggests that more console games are in the pipe, which could mean projects with larger budgets.

Inafune also mentioned that he still loves zombies, but says it would be "boring" to do the same type of game. "I'd love to make another zombie game, but not the same sort of zombie game."