Tribes: Ascend 'Tartarus' update adds new CTF and Arena maps

The free-to-play multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend has been doing pretty well for itself, but the key to a long F2P lifespan is a constant stream of new content. To that end, Hi-Rez Studios has showcased the upcoming "Tartarus update," which will feature two new maps, the ability to save loadout sets, and other gameplay adjustments.

The titular "Tartarus" is a new CTF map with a more organic look and a lack of man-made structures. The arena map "Hinterlands" features bio-luminescent plants and a lack of inventory stations to up the difficulty. The new loadouts are a convenience feature, and more loadouts can be unlocked with experience points or real money. A few tweaks from the community include reduced punting range, reduced vehicle prices, and the addition of XP on custom servers.