Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD coming in June

After years of attempting to recapture the brand with offshoots and plastic peripherals, Tony Hawk is getting a downloadable retro revamp this year. And while Activision hasn't given an official release yet, the game's namesake has shot out a release window anyway. According to Hawk himself, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD will hit in June.

A tweet from Hawk (via Push Square) mentions the release. After name-dropping the upcoming game, he mentions: "(out in June... yeah I said it)." Tony, you rebel, you. Assuming this casual mention wasn't a part of the marketing roll-out plan, he might have spilled the beans early. Even so, we doubt Activision minds all that much.

Hawk recently took to a Q&A about the upcoming game, confirming returning secret characters like Officer Dick and Ollie the Magic Bum, five online modes, and a soundtrack half-composed of older songs from the series.