Tony Hawk confirms skater roster, soundtrack for HD revamp

The Tony Hawk series has taken a hiatus since "the unpleasantness," but it's getting a return to its roots with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. It seems so obvious in hindsight, because of course all we wanted was a downloadable game with the old physics engine and prettier graphics. The series namesake, Hawk himself, has answered a few fan questions.

Hawk appeared on video on the One of Swords blog. First, on the subject of character inclusions, he said that both Chris Cole and his son Riley Hawk will appear. "I've asked [Riley] to be in a couple of the games prior to this one, and he wasn't into it at all," Hawk said. "To be honest I'm surprised that he agreed, but I'm really proud of him because I feel like he's making his own way, and he's definitely a well-respected skater in his own right and very creative." Secret characters will include Officer Dick, Ollie the Magic Bum, and "a few more."

The highly-regarded soundtrack will get a return, at least in part. Hawk says that about half the soundtrack is composed of older songs, while the other half will be new tracks that reflect quality "people have come to expect" from a TH soundtrack.

In other miscellaneous tidbits, Hawk promises five online modes, but can't give details on them quite yet. He also says he hopes it's released on PC, and that it's generating some good buzz that might allow that to happen.