Chatty: Endless Space, Super Monday Night Combat

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OverloadUT bites the bullet to pre-order Endless Space, a 4X turn-based game in space, to give Shackers an initial impression based on the alpha. Did you miss the gameplay stream? Check out his full hour-long recording!

pancake humper records some Assassin gameplay Super Monday Night Combat after the game's accidental release.

kramweil wants to know about the games you wish existed. Homeworld 3? Half-Life 3? Too boring? losder5000 has an idea for you.

action wombmate wants to know how much realism games really aim to have? Would a completely realistic game be entertaining? Find out what Shackers think!

MikkleThePickle stirs the chatty with an opinion article arguing that consumers should buy new games when they agree with the game's content business model, and used when they disagree. Would your perception change if next generation consoles banned used games, as some rumors suggest?

Is it possible to buy a modern PC gaming system on a budget of $500.00? warcrow wants to know. Test your hand at building an economical system and see how it compares with Shacker builds. Or you could just build the most expensive system possible. Maybe even fry's "trigger rig" will keep up.

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

Shackers and biofrog watch the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III and debate the resulting gadget. Is the Galaxy S III your next smartphone? Or are you going to wait to see the next Apple iPhone? My Nokia Lumia 900 suits me just fine, thank you.

boring gegtik thinks he has the best read of the month, but Hoax steals his thunder with a blast from the past.

Str8Dog has an idea on sprucing up his bland laptop. multisync needs restrained.

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