Super Monday Night Combat now available on Steam

Sometimes, accidents are bad. Like when you're on stage, trying to figure out "dyslexic" during the 6th grade spelling bee, and you forgot to go wee wee beforehand. But sometimes, accidents can be good. Super Monday Night Combat's release onto Steam is just that.

Now available on Steam, SMNC is a free-to-play sequel of Uber Entertainment's popular third-person shooter.

Called a "premature distribution" by Uber's Chandana Ekanayake, the game was accidentally released on Steam due to some "wonkiness" surrounding the game's invite system. "There will be a formal announcement, promotion, etc coming soon with the next patch," Ekanayake said on the game's official forums. "Really the way we see it, it's no different that what we've been doing, which is continue to update the game."

As a free-to-play game built for PC, Uber Entertainment had already planned on offering frequent updates to the game. That system will be put to the test with this accidental early release, which still features "bugs and exploits" according to some in the community.

"F-ck it, we're doing it live," Ekanayake said in one fiery tweet.