Rumor: 100 v.100 PVP, 120 hours to level cap in The Elder Scrolls Online

The announcement yesterday of The Elder Scrolls Online MMO didn't offer much in the way of details, but intrepid posters who have access to the massive Game Informer cover story are getting the information out there.

A post on the NeoGAF forums reveals a laundry list of features and content to be included in the game, supposedly pulled from the GI article. The game world will be huge, relative to Skyrim, but several areas will be closed off for use in future expansions. Played from a third-person perspective, players will be able to choose one of nine races from the three factions of The Ebonheart Pact, the Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion (but don't expect to play as a werewolf or vampire). Once a player begins leveling, they can expect to spend upwards of 120 hours getting to the level cap.

It also appears that Zenimax Online is keeping with some MMO traditions, such as a hotbar for skills and spells. PVP battles, however, can be on a grand scale, with as many as 100 players on each side battling for keeps and using trebuchets.

Scans of the art and screens in the article have already shown up, and an official trailer was just released.

There will obviously be plenty more official details released before the game scheduled release in 2013, but at least we have something to gnaw on in the interim.