Harmonix job listings hint at next-gen game

Harmonix hasn't put the wraps on Rock Band Blitz yet, but the company is quietly building talent for its next big project: a next-gen, motion-controlled music title with combat and a narrative hook. If nothing else, it sounds awfully ambitious.

The clues came from a series of job listings caught by Superannuation. The Software Engineer job mentions "brand new IP and next-generation consoles." Both the Narrative Designer and Senior Content Designer listings mention motion-based gaming, and the latter clarifies that it's music-based. The narrative designer will also be responsible for "emotionally compelling story lines," presumably more than the usual narrative hook of a band moving to larger venues. Finally, the Senior Level Designer listing mentions "combat encounters, environmental interactions, AI behaviors, & other scripted elements."

Assuming Harmonix isn't working on more than one new next-gen IP at a time, the developer is working on an emotionally gripping, motion-based music combat game. What exactly that combination might look like, we have no idea. This is probably in the early stages, and considering that next-generation consoles haven't even been formally announced yet, it will probably be a while before we hear official word.