Saints Row: 'Enter the Dominatrix' expansion coming in fall

Among the cacophony of high-larious pranks this April Fool's Day, THQ teased another piece of content for Saints Row: The Third. Titled (ahem) "Enter the Dominatrix," the standalone expansion promised super powers, new weapons, and new recruits. Apparently THQ and Volition decided to make it happen for real, announcing it as a standalone expansion coming this fall.

The main thrust of the expansion is the addition of "freaking super powers" like super-speed, strength, and high jumps. You'll use these new-found powers to battle the alien warlord Zinyak, who is preparing an invasion of earth for precious resources and females. Wait, that plot sounds familiar.

Zinyak has watched earth enough to know that the Third Street Saints' media empire means they pose a threat to his plans. So naturally, he kidnaps the boss and puts him in a simulated virtual reality to neutralize him or her. Wait a minute, that also sounds familiar.

THQ confirmed to Joystiq that the game is launching only as a boxed retail product, and will cost $30 for everyone -- including Season Pass holders.

This decision probably has something to do with Saints Row being one of the bright spots in THQ's recent financial statements. The company noted strong continued sales of Saints Row: The Third and higher-than-expected sales of DLC helped boost its bottom line. It must be hoping that another boxed product will do the same.