Rock Band iOS to remain live, EA faults 'error'

EA is doubling back on plans to shut down the iOS version of Rock Band on May 31. The company has issued an apology and claimed the in-app message was an "error." EA had also stated that it would be shutting down the server in an online help FAQ -- but the FAQ didn't clarify if the game would still be playable offline, and the page has since been pulled completely.

"Rock Band for iOS will remain live - the in-app message users received yesterday was sent in error," read a company statement to Cnet. "We apologize for the confusion this caused. We're working to clarify the issue that caused the error and will share additional information as soon as possible."

Faulting an "error" seems a little odd, since the message was incredibly specific and couched in Rock Band language; plus the statement doesn't address the pulled help FAQ at all. Still, the game is no longer being taken down. You can continue tap-rocking, and EA will probably be a bit more cautious to avoid these kinds of "errors" in the future.