Report: Rock Band iOS ending May 31

The iOS version of Rock Band appears to have an expiration date, and even Harmonix isn't sure why. A notice in the app reportedly states that the game "will no longer be playable on your device" after May 31. The game doesn't offer an explanation, and the product page makes no mention of the expiration.

A Reddit thread shared the image, to an unsurprising response of widespread anger. The app is still on sale for $4.99, so new purchasers may face a rude awakening. As many in the Reddit thread noted, this is similar to a move earlier this year, when EA pulled the Tetris iPad App, and subsequently launched a new one that had to be repurchased.

"EA Mobile is responsible for the publishing and hosting of Rock Band on iOS," a Harmonix representative told Kotaku. "We're reaching out to them to better understand what's happening with the app."

Shacknews has contacted EA regarding the notice, and will update as more information becomes available.