Toy Soldiers invades PC

Toy Soldiers was a pleasant surprise when it hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, a tip-top tower defense masquerading as a tabletop wargame in a young chap's bedroom. Last Friday it made the the jump onto PC, coming complete with its two DLC packs for $10.

As well as the usual turret-based shenanigans, Toy Soldiers lets you control guns yourself, take to the skies in fighters or bombers, or jump into a tank to dish out explosions aplenty. The enemy's also far more aggressive, gleefully smashing your carefully-laid defenses.

Toy Soldiers PC is available from Steam and the Games for Windows Marketplace, using Games for Windows Live as DRM. Steam's running a 25% discount for the launch week, bringing it down to only $7.49.

The DLC packs add new mini-campaigns with extra playable armies and invading toys including knights, UFOs and robots. They cost $5 apiece on XBLA, so it's nice to get them for free.

Xbox 360 generals also get a Toy Soldiers treat, in the form of a price cut bringing it permanently down to 800 Microsoft Points ($10) on XBLA.