Payday: The Heist sequel and three new Starbreeze titles in the works

Developer Starbreeze Studios is now working on three different games internally, but none of those projects are the sequel to its most recent offering, Syndicate. On top of those three titles, Overkill Software--which will be acquired by Starbreeze--is continuing to work on improvements to Payday: The Heist, in addition to developing a sequel to the robbery-based multiplayer.

According to the report on Eurogamer, Starbreeze itself is working on three new projects, in addition to the Payday sequel Overkill is developing. Starbreeze boss Mikael Nermark explained that Overkill Software will continue to have the creative leeway and resources available to them pre-acquisition. "They will still continue to grow the first Payday, to enhance that experience, and move to the sequel," Nermark said. "They're doing great stuff, and I'm not going to change that in any way. We're going to give them the creative freedom to do what they've done so well."

Starbreeze won't talk about one of the titles it's developing internally at all, yet, but Nermark revealed a tiny bit of information about both of the other games in the works.

Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares is apparently working with the studio on a game called P13. Though specifics are scarce, Nermark noted: "It's a different kind of game. I think people will be surprised that Starbreeze is doing this game." They're currently seeking a publishing partner for the title, and intend to launch it on PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

The other game Nermark was willing to talk about--also in limited detail--is a game called Cold Mercury that somehow twists the "free-to-play" business model. The game reportedly implements lessons learned from Syndicate's co-op portion, and is in the early stages of development.

But what about Syndicate? According to Nermark, EA hasn't approached Starbreeze about doing a sequel, but the developer is still keen to make one. "We think EA is a great partner and Syndicate is a great franchise," Nermark said. "If the opportunity arises again, we definitely would want to do another Syndicate. But no, there's no decision about making another Syndicate."