New Monk video revealed for Diablo 3

Blizzard has been slowly revealing new videos teasing more information on the character classes for Diablo 3. First, it was the Demon Hunter, then the Barbarian. Today, their reveal site shows off a new video for the monk.

The monks are described as holy warriors that believe that chaos will give way to order:

The monks of Ivgorod present a unique profile among the leather and iron-clad peoples of the Western Kingdoms. They eschew heavy armor, relying on supernatural speed and catlike reflexes to avoid attack. Their foreheads are marked with two crimson circles, symbols that display their understanding of the balance between darkness and light, and icons of the Veradani order. The monk is a warrior of light, but one who can comprehend the darknessā€¦ and use that knowledge to utterly destroy it.

The remaining two classes, the Witch Doctor and the Wizard, will be getting their own videos in the next two weeks.

BOOM video 12522

Blizzard also announced that the Diablo 3 beta was ending. As of May 1, all beta accounts and character info would reset. You will only be able to comment in the forums if you have pre-purchased the game or have and active StarCraft 2 or World of Warcraft account.