Diablo 3's Barbarian profiled in new video

He's a hulking mountain of flesh, with a new purpose in life. The Barbarian class video has been added to Blizzard's Diablo III reveal site, part of its hero class countdown to the game's May 15 release. Warning: Watching the accompanying video may make you lose interest in the other four classes.

After revealing a new Demon Hunter video last week, Blizzard next chose the Children of Bul-Kathos for more details on its "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" site. Spread to the four winds by the shattering of the Worldstone, the barbarians now face a new challenge:

The guardians of Arreat are scattered. Those who survived Arreat's fall wander the ruined lands of the north, aimless and inconsolable now that their cause is gone. Some have fallen to madness or worse. And now a star has fallen to the south, in the humble town of New Tristram. There, dark forces have awoken, and the need for strong arms and heroic hearts is great. For the wandering barbarians, there is hope that this event might bring a new charge, a new vigil, and perhaps some new purpose to their lives.

Blizzard will be unveiling more videos about the remaining three classes in the next few weeks. Check out the new video:

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