Super Mario 4 domain registered by Nintendo

Nintendo promised yet another entry to their flagship Mario series earlier this year. Describing it is as a brand new 2D game for 3DS, we reported that it should be similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Although Super Mario 3D Land came out just months ago, it appears Nintendo may be readying to announce (and promote) a brand new Mario game--at least based on a new domain name registration filed by the publisher.

An IGN reader spotted "supermario4.com," which was registered on April 3rd. The URL is currently active, redirecting users to the official Nintendo website.

Super Mario 4 would be an odd name for a new Mario game, given Super Mario World was initially dubbed Super Mario Bros. 4 (at least in Japan). Of course, New Super Mario Bros did sort of press Nintendo's hand--they couldn't call this upcoming game Even Newer Super Mario Bros, could they?