Joe Danger jumping to iOS and Android

Joe Danger has managed to jump, backflip, and wheelie beyond the PS3. Last year, the critically-acclaimed racing/platforming game received a "Special Edition" for Xbox Live Arcade. This year, Joe Danger will return in a sequel, Joe Danger: The Movie (pictured).

But there's even more Joe in store for fans. This weekend, Hello Games will introduce a mobile version of Joe Danger to PAX East attendees.

While an Android version is also in the works, the iOS version is the one being showcased at the consumer expo this weekend. Joe Danger, as expected, is not a "port" of the console game. Rather, it's "been written from the ground up for iPhone." As such, it will not have a virtual analog stick. Instead, the game will take advantage of swiping and other gestures. "You swipe the screen to make Joe wheelie, you nudge him in the air to affect his gravity, you can flick a barrier out of the way, or wrestle with the shark in the shark tank," Hello Games' Sean Murray told Gamasutra. "You have such control that levels that would be impossible on console are much easier on the touchscreen."

Should Joe Danger find success with its initial iOS release, Hello Games could look into making a mobile adaptation of Joe Danger: The Movie, as well. But first, the studio needs to "figure out if other people like it too though." A public play test at PAX East will certain offer them the feedback they need.