Mojang, Notch tease next game, grab domains

Mojang and Markus "Notch" Persson have started the gears grinding on their next game, despite only offering the obscure web domain name. No other details were released, including how to pronounce it. At least we know it's not Mars Effect.

Notch said on Twitter that he had registered the domain names for the new game--0x10c--and that the "legal stuff" was complete. "The real name has the "c" raised above the other letters. I won't tell you how to pronounce it yet. It's a riddle," he said.

Notch spent more than an hour teasing Twitter followers after his announcement. "Hex 10 to the power of C" was the most common guess at the pronunciation.

Mojang CEO Carl Manneh told Forbes that Notch isn't saying much more at the moment. "Markus is in a state of creative brilliance at the moment and I’m doing the best I can to block anyone who wants to interfere with that."