Secret World dev says Wii U 'perfect' for MMOs

The Wii U is set to launch this year, and developers are starting to think about what they can do with its touch-screen controller. Funcom, the studio behind the upcoming MMO Secret World, suggests the system would make a perfect fit for the MMO genre.

"Wii U could be the first real console on which running an MMORPG without compromise is plausible," Funcom's Joel Bylos told Official Nintendo Magazine. "The controller is perfect for lining up those rows of hotbars that are essential in most MMOs. A customizable touchscreen interface combined with the 3D spatial movement of a console controller could be a winner."

It makes sense, but this doesn't necessarily mean we'll see any Funcom MMOs like Secret World on the console. His comments seem more speculative about possible applications than a commitment of development effort. First Nintendo will have to develop a wide enough user-base to support an MMO, not to mention a solid online foundation. Nintendo has struggled with the latter in the past, so hopefully the Wii U is the system to turn it around.