Spector: Epic Mickey 2 more than the music

When I previewed Epic Mickey 2 two weeks ago, there was plenty to talk about--cooperative play, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and support for multiple platforms. Developer Warren Spector also gushed about the music and the songs.

Now, he wishes he hadn't gushed so much.

"I've been itching to talk about the game and the songs for a while," Spector said in an interview with Eurogamer. "When we announced the game, I sort of threw it out there, because I'm so proud and so happy. I saw the look of fear in people's eyes. I'm like, what the heck is going on? Doesn't everybody love musicals? I realised I had to explain things. I look at guys like you in the audience on the press side, and similarly at Disney when I look out at execs, about 70 per cent of them are going, yeah. About 30 per cent are going, are you kidding?"

He assured gamers and execs alike that the music numbers are none interactive and can even be skipped if the player chooses. The idea for even including it in the game was to test out a music mechanic that could be used in future games. He stressed that the music is not a vital aspect of the game.

"I want everybody to just take a chill pill and relax about this. I'm not going to make you sing into a microphone. I'm not going to make you dance in front of your TV. I'm not going to make you beatmatch. This is just a fun way to honor a part of Disney's history. If you don't like that part of Disney's history, skip it."

While I never believed this was going to be an Epic Mickey karaoke, the concept of Disney music and the way the company likes to monetize the extras from their animated movies, it doesn't seem like a stretch that some sort of sing-along or karaoke could be in the offing down the road. But based on his reaction, I doubt Spector will be involved.